The Robins Return!

The robins have again decided that our back porch light would make a great location for a nest.

And so the laying began though, unlike last year, we ended up with only two eggs in the nest.

It was only a few days until we got some activity in the nest. Unfortunately only one of the eggs actually hatched. While its unfortunate that the other egg didn’t hatch, it did make for a very fast growing and plump little robin for the one that survived.

On one of the last days before it fledged, the baby robin mistook the camera for mom bringing food and nearly jumped out of the nest trying to get at it!

You can say right down the throat 🙂

Here is a picture from the last day before fledging where he is much more relaxed. Definitely plump and fills most of the nest. Hard to believe that there were 4 of them in the nest last year!

Since fledging, we’re pretty sure we’ve seen the little one around the yard starting life as an adult, another small but successful brood.

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