Robins Nest

In what is becoming an annual event, robins have set up a nursery in a nest over our back door light.

I’ve been following the development of the family since it started – chronologically shown below. Note that the eggs showed up one at a time a day apart each though I didn’t catch a photo of them until mamma robin had already laid two.

Not sure if the last photo is a function of perspective or if there really was that much disparity in egg size. Seems the largest egg is almost twice the size of the smaller one – if accurate, it is more variation than I would have expected.

After that, things got quiet and I even started to suspect that the eggs might not be viable as it seems the mother wasn’t around brooding them. To be sure, I stuck the camera up top once more to find that all four had hatched.

They’re not very loud right now but based on past years, I’m assuming that we’ll be hearing the constant cheeping starting soon.

Meanwhile, mother robin is on the prowl and dive bombs Ralphie any time he is in the back yard. I’ll try and catch a video of it – kinda funny as he can’t seem to figure out why she is so upset.

Last years fledging was not very successful and I’m not sure any of the young survived so I’m hoping we have better luck this time around. Fingers crossed…

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