Canada Day morning after…

It’s the morning after and, although I’m a day late, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Canada Day! We had a pretty relaxed day, mostly avoiding the heat by staying where it was air conditioned. By the time that the fireworks happened, the temperature had dropped to a comfortable level.

The fireworks show at Columbia Lake was great with some interesting heart shaped explosions. Overall, it ran for about 15-20 minutes, a wonderful way to cap the day off.

Seeing that Canada Day was on a Sunday, we have today (Monday) as our stat holiday so another day to relax and enjoy before we get back into the grind. To all my fellow Canadians, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Welcome to!

We’re a family of 5 (6 if you count the dog) living in beautiful Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. In addition to my wife and I, there are our 3 wonderful daughters and a cute little brown and white piebald dachshund named Ralphie whose pictures feature prominently here.

After many fits and starts, we’ve finally got a web site to go along with the domain name that we set up a couple of years ago. There is no particular theme to the site, just a bunch of random content that the various members of the family have put together.

To get started, we’ve put up a bunch of pictures of some of the birthday cakes and gingerbread houses that we’ve made over the years. We’ll add other stuff as we think about it.


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