Ralphie as a Hot Dog

Just wanted to throw in a quick post to share some cute pictures of Ralphie. Heidi found a hot dog outfit for him that, for once, he doesn’t seem to mind wearing. Its too warm out at the moment to make a difference but I could see this working as his jacket once the temperature starts to drop.

I think he’s looking pretty cute and let’s face it, it’s always appropriate to have a wiener dog dressed as a wiener. 🙂

Ralphie and the Robin

For those following the growth of the baby robins in the nest above our back door, you’ll be familiar with the fact that mama and papa robin have been tormenting Ralphie any time that he is outside. We’ve actually caught a number of the interactions on film and I made little gifs out of some of the attacks.

Not doing any damage, of course, but Ralphie just can’t figure out what has these birds so upset all the time. The babies should fledge in another week so things will go back to normal soon.


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