Shower Curtain

It has been a while since I’ve updated. We took a week to go to a cottage up in the Kawarthas (north of Peterborough Ontario). It is a wonderful area full of lakes, forests, and generally beautiful scenery. The vacation time was much needed but now it’s back to the real world and telling you about the new shower curtain.

In terms of the bathroom, we are up and running now. I finally installed the shower curtain rod and, with the help of the girls, we’ve decided on a curtain to hang on it. The pattern is quite whimsical. It goes well with the room and pays homage to Ralphie and Canada all at the same time.

The toques are a nice touch too!

As for the bar, we decided that, although it is not strictly traditional, curved was the way to go. The extra space that it provides is too much of a benefit to ignore. The bar is a Moen. While very sturdy, it does seem to have a slightly different chrome finish than the other fixtures in the room. Not a big deal and likely something only we notice as we’re looking at everything so critically.

Now all we need to do is put up the extra hooks that we picked up, settle on the towels, and find a suitable waste basket. Who would have thought that finding the accessories would be such a challenge? In any case, for the towels, we have something in the “perfect” shade of grey that we think will work. They match the grout and are just slightly darker than the bath mat in the pictures.

The contractor that did the work for us is sending a professional photographer over to take pictures of the finished product to use in their marketing. The up side is that, in exchange, they have agreed to give us access to the photos as well. I’ll be able to post some professional shots of the room rather than the cell phone photos I’ve been using so far. The shoot is scheduled for next week so stay tuned for the final before and after pictures at that point.

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