Upstairs Bathroom Renovation (Part 15)

Well things are moving along right on schedule, or even a bit ahead of schedule! The plumbers were in today to hook everything back up including the faucets, toilet, and the crazy shower.

It really is coming together. All that is left is a bit of finishing on the tiles, the outstanding timer for the fan, and the accessories (towel bars and toilet paper holder) – for the trades that is. I still have a significant amount of work to get the window wrangled into shape, trim painted, and the final touch-ups completed on the wall paint that is already in place. But that is for later. Right now I want to focus on the plumbing.

First, is the toilet – not much to say here as we are reusing the Toto that we had in place before.

It was in the house when we bought it so I can’t tell you what model it is. May be buried in some of the paperwork that was left behind but I’m not inclined to go looking. Suffice to say that we’ve been very happy with it so no need to fix what ain’t broken. Beside, with the style of tank cover and the porcelain flush lever, it just looks like it belongs.

I know that I put a post up of the faucets before they were installed but here is how they look in place – exactly what we were looking for.

They are from the Grohe Seabury line in StarLight Chrome (very poetic). I think they definitely capture the Victorian sensibility of the room.  But, as much as much as I like the faucets, it is the Sign of the Crab shower fixture that is my favorite part.

It is as much a piece of sculpture as it is a functional shower unit (complete with thermostatic temperature control). No need to compromise form for function here as was the case with the counter top – this is ticks of all the boxes. Also very much in keeping with the Victorian ethos of making even the ordinary look extraordinary as I’ve written about before. I really want to give it a try though that will have to wait until the silicon goes in for the corners of the tile and we get a shower rod and curtain.

Speaking of the shower curtain rod, we’ve been putting off its purchase because it is another place where we are struggling with form and function. On one hand, a curved shower rod provides a feeling of space in the shower that may otherwise feel a touch cramped. On the other hand, the curved rod definitely has a modern feel to it and will go against the traditional approach we took to the room. That said, we’re at the breaking point and will need to make a decision on that tonight so stay tuned.

Now to just get the window completed…

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