Chrome Magic

I guess I’m already getting stir crazy waiting for the counter top to be finished and it has only been one day! In any case, it has given me a chance to start peeking into boxes to see the plumbing that will be going in a couple of weeks. The centerpiece of the plumbing is the Sign of the Crab exposed plumbing shower controls.

A complex concoction of solid brass and chrome. Heidi says it has a submarine feel to it and thinks we may have attach a user manual to the side to help people figure out how to use it. To me it represents a wonderful combination of sculpture and function. It’s a lot easier to use than it appears at first glance – actually simpler than traditional taps with diverter valves.

The folks at Sign of the Crab cater to people like us that have a penchant for the Victorian, something very apparent with this particular piece. One of the defining characteristics of the Victorians was the importance placed on beauty and embellishment. Even utilitarian subjects like plumbing were raised to an art form and then exposed to show them off. The same thing can be seen in wood working tools from the era. Who says you can have form and function in the same object!

This definitely gets at the traditional vibe that we are going for in the bathroom. I can’t wait to see what it will look like when its actually installed.

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