Upstairs Bathroom Renovation (Part 2)

Last night I put the primer on the walls. Though it is a bit messy, I find painting incredibly rewarding. There is really nothing else that one can do in renovating that makes such an immediate positive change. That being said, there is also something vaguely disturbing about the primer coat. When you are putting it on, you see all the splotches and visible inconsistencies of raw drywall seem to disappear. However, when you come back and look at it a little while later, the limited pigment in primer means that you still have ghosts of those inconsistencies showing through demanding a coat of actual paint to cover them. Its like your brain adjusts and your sense of the job quality becomes much more acute once the glaring difference between the drywall and raw mud is even partially covered by the primer. I’m sure someone has studied and named this phenomenon – I wonder what it’s called.

Next stop the paint store. First a can of ceiling paint for bathrooms. Then I need to find a colour that we can all agree on for the walls that works with the tile and woodwork that will be in the bathroom. I don’t have a sample of it on hand, but the counter will be a synthetic marble with grey veins on a white field – fixtures are all chrome. It will be interested to see what works.

People interested in seeing the full renovation process as tracked in this blog should start here.

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